What is Odorigui? From Wikipedia :

Odorigui refers to the consumption of live seafood while it is still moving, or the consumption of moving animal parts. Literally, odori means dancing and gui eating. Animals usually consumed in odorigui style include octopus, squids, ice gobies, etc. Consumption of live seafood without remarkable movements, such as urchins, is usually not included in odorigui.

Odorigui videos :

Berryz工房 タコの踊り食い サンナクチ Octopus Odorigui

イカの踊り食い Squid Odorigui

シロウオの踊り食い White Fish Odorigui

アワビの踊り食い Abalone Odorigui

車えびの踊り食い!@沖縄クルマエビ㈱ Preparing Shrimp Odorigui

*Image from the internet