About me : I love the water

About me : I love the water

Hello! My name is Trish. I am from the beautiful island country of the Philippines. I currently reside in Tokyo, Japan. I have been living here since end of 2009 but decided to start Japan and all that Jazz only recently.

I love the ocean. I am passionate about water sports, especially surfing. I may not be the best surfer in the world, but I give it my all. I will surf until the day I die. I will surf or die trying.

I believe anyone can achieve anything – as long we put our hearts into it. Nothing is impossible for the undaunted and the persevering. As Morpheus said, it’s not going to be easy. But hey it’s going to be worth it! Just like one hell of a long, good ride.

I am left-handed plus an Aquarian.They say that’s a perfect mix for eccentricity. Yes, I am eccentric. Happy, laid back and eccentric. I don’t conform. What you see is what you get. You may like me or hate me. Either way, I respect your preferences. I respect our differences. I support gay rights and heterogeneity. I believe good vibes begets good vibes. Our reality is what we make of it. Let the good times roll :)

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