Chatting is so easy.

We chat the moment we wake up to the moment we go to bed. We have so much to say and no one to listen.We chat on a daily basis to the human next to us.We chat with our family, our peers, our dog, ourselves.It’s so easy and some people figured, we might as well get paid for it.

Chat jobs in the Philippines

There are a lot of “chat” sites outsourced  to the Philippines to cater to the host country’s increasing chat demands. But don’t be assume these are all shady jobs that includes stripping or cyber-blowing some loser across the globe: some “chat” jobs are completely legitimate, offered by big names in the call center industry.Think pre-sales chat. Help chat. Chat support.


Chat support specialists earn from Php15,000 to Php20,000 (JPY30,000-40,000)  a month. While this seems small for Westerners and Japanese alike, imagine living in your mom’s basement, freeloading the basic necessities and basically just abusing your parents’ generosity,  which is the norm in the Philippines. Your salary is not enough to support a family, but by golly, imagine all the beer you can buy !(Beer =JPY50-60) . And don’t think it’s just American/Indian/Pakistani companies making the most of the low salary in the Philippines : Japanese have also joined the band wagon. There are in fact, many companies sprouting offering English chat to Japanese learners for as low as JPY5,980 a month.

Online English Learning


As for me, I did try applying as an online English teacher, to make more money on the side while working full-time in the Philippines. One of them rejected me (too ugly to teach English?), another one gave me a job offer of JPY100 per hour. What a waste of life. Predictably, I rejected the offer.

Adult chat: Filipino ladies targeting Japanese

And while there are English teaching jobs, there are also adult chats. Out of curiosity’s  sake (excuses!excuses!), I’ve visited some of them. It’s so easy to find: simply Google フィリピ-ナチャット and voila!

There is a page ranking the Filipina chat sites. I have no idea what factored in the ranking : the affordability, user friendliness or the chat ladies themselves.

Click one of them and you’d end up on the front page with ranking of the chat ladies to help you decide…

フィリピ-ナチャット Filipina Chat ladies : Ranking Page

フィリピ-ナチャット Filipina Chat ladies : Ranking Page


Or a page showing whoever is online….

Filipina Chat ladies : Online now

Filipina Chat ladies : Online now

Click one of those thumbnails and you end up in the lady’s profile page.

フィリピ-ナチャット Filipina Chat ladies : Profile page

フィリピ-ナチャット Filipina Chat ladies : Profile page

Some sites also allow you to take a peek and see them via live stream for a minute or less for free.

The motivation of some of these women is not only the money, but also the chance to pine their hopes on finding the Japanese Prince Charming who will rescue them out of the Philippines (It’s written on some of the profiles). Will working an office job ever give you the same ray of hope to escape your fate in the Philippines? No.  These chat sites don’t only allow women to earn, it allows them to dream and hope for a better life. Now, sure the companies running these are money-oriented, realistic, reducing costs as much as they can, exploiting these women and their dreams. But hey, no one is forcing them to turn on their webcams and point it to their titties. The sad thing is, I can’t imagine these companies having a base pay. Correct me if I’m wrong, but these companies probably pay only a commission, a fixed percentage of the amount someone pays to chat with them. After all, if I were profit-oriented company, it doesn’t make sense to pay those who were simply online but did not generate me money.

Chat ladies in Japan

It’s no surprise that chat ladies exist in Japan too. After all, this is the country where almost anything sexual is legal. You’ve surely ran across some job ads  in Craigslist and dismissed them as another of those “ayashi” dubious/shady ads ran by yakuza who are running out of ideas. (FYI Tokyo Craigslist is not as shady as other countries’ Craigslist. I’ve had 4 decent jobs thanks to Craigslist-including public school teaching. One must simply know how to sort through the trash)


USD3,000 – 6,000 ? It can’t be! Life has taught us that if it’s too good to be true, it usually is. Is it some sort of a scam, MLM, if you may, a business built on false promises? Or worse, is it some sort of a sex  trafficking ring luring girls to easy buck?  But if you search in Japanese  チャットレイディ, you’d realize that these chat sites are a dime a dozen:


Surely, if they are illegal, the cops would have tracked and arrested them now, making them pay millions as fine. Understandably, a lot of women’s initial reaction would be fear. It’s a job that seems, while well paid, remains pretty much a mystery. While the Filipina chat ladies are open to exploitation, the Japanese females can afford to be picky. Is it a job that any educated, college grad, Japanese female would opt to do, instead of being, say an OL?


Many sites assure potential chat ladies of the safety of these chat sites. Come work for us, and we can keep you safe.

Some even went so far as to show the work place

If you watched the video, then you’d notice how they emphasized privacy.Privacy is super important, so the women don’t feel inhibited to do as the clients’ like. You don’t want to discourage male chatters with unwilling or unable women. After all, a male chatter pays at least  JPY100 per minute (USD 1/minute).

If you are a foreigner, a good place to start is “World Chat” where they accept foreign women. There seems to be no nationality preferred, although they’d probably prefer a foreigner with a Japanese speaking ability. After all, this is a chat job. Or stick with Craigslist.

Hiring Chat Ladies Online Ad

Hiring Chat Ladies Online Ad

The Filipina chat ladies now may not be physically here, but they are no different from the entertainers of the 80s and 90s (a derogatory term exists in Filipino : Japayuki) :they target the men and use their sex appeal to make money. I am not going to pretend that I am holy and mighty on my high horse, immune to the charm of a quick buck. And the potential to stay in my bed during cold winters, forego commute and learn more Kanji while at it. I don’t want to strip though. I just wanted to make more than what I was making without leaving the comfort of my home (lazy is my last name) while having the power to decide my work schedule. If the ad is to be believed, then the per-hour is definitely bigger than your regular English-teaching gig. I am not sure, however, if they’d hire a Filipina based in Japan and pay her Japanese rate. After all, they are a dime a dozen across the sea and can be hired for a fraction of the rate in Japan.

But yes, I did inquire about this some time ago from a job ad I found in Tokyo Notice Board. I got this reply :

Dear Ms.

This job is for female only
The contents of our job is called ”chat lady” which will talk with our 99% male customers on the internet with web-cam
Of course, mostly male customer, there might be adult essence too.
However, our office doesn’t force to do this like other office do, and also it all depends on you to show your face and body.
If you still have interested in this job, please give your response.
Sincerely yours,

Aha.So other offices “force” their girls ?  From this e-mail, it seems like I have the option to choose adult and non-adult chat, hide my face if I wish. (And shun the money?)

My husband,however, ever supportive that he is, assured me that, this being in Japan, it’s probably not an underground sex ring if they have office in Ikebukuro (But the mafia has offices too!).  Almost anything is legal after all. Why risk doing something illegal, lose all your investments and all?

The big turn off for me, however, is having to commute to an office. Come on, why can’t I do it at home? That’s why I wanted this job : so I don’t have to lift my fat ass off the bed.In the end, I gave up becoming a chat lady even before my quest has begun. They weren’t going to answer my questions unless I give them more details of myself and I wasn’t about to send them a copy of my gaijin card. I guess it depends on the company if they let you work from home.

But it’s not just me. My search in Google inevitably lead me to some Japanese women inquiring on how it works. Not only is the pay alluring, but it’s an option for women who have to stay at home with their kids or because they are physically ill to have a regular job.

Becoming a Chat Ladies チャットレイディ : Questions

Becoming a Chat Lady チャットレイディ : Is it an option for an ill person?

A quick search in Youtube yields some videos,shedding light on this mysterious occupation. It certainly is against all that feminist ideals that you’ve embraced, but hey feminism isn’t going to pay the rent. And whoever said if you have it, then flaunt it?

And while you may assume the salaries are nothing but lies, lies, lies, watch this video :

All you need to know is that the chat lady earns a staggering JPY700,000(USD7,000) a month for working 4x a week! And that she uses that money to buy a new bag.

Too good to be true? Think again. Chatting is not exactly cheap.


A 2 shot live chat, whatever it is,costs JPY3000 for 15 minutes for both Filipinas and Japanese. And there are different options to choose from : one-on-one chat, party chat, nozoki chat etc with their corresponding points. How the points work, I have no idea. But it seems a normal price range for a 3-hour chat is around JPY30,000. If you put it that way, then surely 3,000-4,000 per hour salary is indeed possible. After all, who chats for 10 minutes only once a month?

And it’s not only a popular job among Asian women. Come and look at “Natalie”

If you have experience working in the chat industry, then please, by all means, share your experience and enlighten us. Some information I observed may be misleading.