If you’ve lived in Tokyo for some time, you’d realize that space is a luxurious commodity. Parking for one car in my area costs JPY30,000 a month –  the  monthly salary of a call center agent back home. In some areas, the parking space can go up to JPY 60,000. So even if you can afford a car, or a yacht, chances are, it’s impractical to own one.

What about hotels? Have you ever been to a Japanese hotel? I once lamented to my husband the sad state of hotels we stayed at. The room always had two or three walls reachable by merely extending my arms, without getting out of bed. Quite different from the hotels I am used to back home. ( Thank god for Airbnb or Trampolinn!) And for the price! For something so uncomfortable, we might as well just go all the way and skimp. What better way to do that than to try a capsule hotel?

Capsule hotels are designed for single male travelers or salary men who drank too much and missed the last train home. Yes, the cab fare would cost much more. Anyway, because there were two of us, we searched the area for a co-ed capsule hotel that a) accepts women b) has a capsule that fits two.

Capsule Hotels in Japan. A capsule hotel that accepts women and has a capsule for two

Experiencing a night at  a capsule hotel in Tokyo. A capsule hotel that accepts women and has a capsule for two

It is important to make sure the capsule hotel accepts women  - they may not have baths or bathrooms for women. This capsule hotel has the male ofuro and female ofuro on another floor. Yes, it’s a common bath, not a private one, so get ready to bare yourself, tattoo or no tattoo!!!

Review : It was terrible. I couldn’t sleep.  I should have drank more alcohol. I guess I’m extra- sensitive to noise, more than our neighbors who dozed off without problems. Take note : you may hear someone snoring a couple of a capsules away.  Anyway, don’t let my experience turn you off! It’s always better to try and see for yourself. We are all different.

Here’s a hilarious ad for capsule hotels geared towards gaijin: