I haven’t posted here for a while. I’ve been horrendously busy. What’s up with me?

I’m a freelancer now and I work for 10 companies. Three of the companies I work for a huge corporations – 2 are global and 1 is Japan-famous.

Why freelance?

1) I enjoy the variety. I like teaching different kinds of people – from kids to high school students to professionals and even retired folks.

I also enjoy going to different places around Tokyo and the surrounding areas.

I also enjoy the variety of activities I do. No two days are exactly the same.  Heck, my schedule is all over the place.

Going to the same place and teaching the same kind of people and dealing with the same manager day-in day-out would drive me mental.

2) I like having the power to say no. 

If you’re a full-timer, you’ll have to say yes to everything your employer wants you to do. They have you by the neck. This happened to me. I was supposed to be a teacher but the good old employer wanted me to clean as well. FUCK THAT SHIT.

If you’re a freelancer, you can always reject a job, for whatever reason you may have – the factory is too far, the students are too young, the hours are too early.

3) I get to maximize my time.

If you’re a full-timer, you’d have to spend 8 hours a day working- be it a school or a company. Whether or not you’ve finished your job for the day and you’re just sitting on your ass Redditing, you’re expected to stay. Japanese schools and companies are not output-oriented – they judge you by your “visible efforts” – that means  you have to look busy because even if you’ve done three days worth of job in 4 fours, you’re still looked on as lazy if you don’t LOOK to be busy.   Don’t get me wrong – in the Philippines, it was the same. I held a corporate job  and I had to stay until my shift was over.

I hate pretending to be busy and I don’t like sitting on my ass doing nothing productive. Give me more jobs or let me go home.

If you’re a freelancer, you are, in most cases, paid by the hour (sometimes by the day). Which means if your work is done, they don’t expect you to linger or pretend to be busy. You just fuck off. I head home to run errands or go to the gym. Yes,  despite working for 10 companies, I hit the gym 3x a week. I get to meet friends. I basically have time to binge on Netflix.


4) There is no ceiling to your earnings 

Ok, maybe there is – the time you have.

But besides that, you can make as much or as little as you want. Unlike working full-time where you are paid a fixed amount every time unless you work OT (and OTs can be paid or unpaid ) , you can control your earnings if you freelance. Want to make more money? Then work more.

Fun fact – I actually made more money as a freelancer than as a full-timer – considering the hours I worked.


5) You can go on vacation whenever you want 

Yes, I am going on vacation having a real Christmas break soon.

As long as you close off your schedule and tell your companies in advance – that means managing your schedule professionally, then you’re good to go.


Next, I’ll post the cons of freelancing. But I need to head off to work. Lol.

*Image from hiveage. Used without permission.