So who is Aggretsuko ?

From the BBC :

Aggressive Retsuko – or Aggretsuko – is a 25-year-old red panda who works a mundane office job.

Her appearance is cute, but when she gets angry at her boss or colleagues her face transforms until it becomes a made-up mask somewhat reminiscent of American glam metal band Kiss.


So how was Aggretsuko created? It was in fact through a popular vote of characters submitted by Sanrio staff and others. The theme was “salaryman” or office workers. It clearly struck a chord.

Sanrio says the designer, who goes by the name of Yeti, wants to remain anonymous. But through the company’s corporate communications department, the designer said: “I observed office workers who are at the centre of Japan’s corporate culture and I could hear their heartfelt screams.”

“Japan’s working environment often becomes an issue and I think there are many people who are enduring a lot of stress,” Yeti added.