OMG, Gundam Fans, listen up! If you have ever dreamed of piloting your own Gundam, here’s some good news. You can now get your own Kurata. Not quite Gundam, true, but close. A Kurata is a robot developed by Suidobashi Industries ( website : ) and they start selling for JPY 120,000,000. You can take it for a walk or play war games using your own Kurata. Although that the robot is armed, it is harmless – it is a “robot of peace” – and cannot physically hurt anyone seriously. The robot can be controlled by getting into the cockpit and piloting it yourself – or-if you’re too lazy to do that, you can also control it remotely through a device (smartphone?). The Kurata weighs 4 tons and measures 13 feet.

How to pilot your kurata