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The statement “Japan is obsessed with robots” may be an understatement. As though looking for an answer to the their population problems, they have been developing robots for different uses – as nannies, companions, workers and even cheerleaders. Now, here’s another android that “could serve as a hostess” in the upcoming Tokyo Olmpics.

From the Japan Times :

These robots are increasingly being developed as personal assistants, companions, hosts and aides for medical situations.

“We made her like a human being because true communication is also based on facial expressions and gestures,” said Toshiba’s Taihei Yamaguchi.

Yamaguchi said a robot like Chihira Aico could serve as a kind of hostess for the 2020 Olympic Games but the design is aimed for health care, where robots can assist in monitoring and diagnoses.

But in her own words: “In the future, I want to take up the challenge of a wide assignment of tasks: counselor, newscaster, cheerleader, entertainer and many others!”

Meet Chihiro Aico.

My question is, why are many androids female-like? Why aren’t there more “male” androids?