Basically, I am getting tired of working for  big corporations. Why ?

1) Because the big corporations get 90% of the pay and give the hardworking teachers 10%. They will “nickle and dime”(as one Craigslist poster kept saying) their teachers.

2) The other day, one school I worked for let me try participating in a program I have never done. The program is to teach English to a big airline company using their method. During the “lesson”, the staff told me to just sit back and observe the other teachers as it was my first day. The following day, I asked if I could continue working. I got the reply that “based on my performance on the first day, the don’t have the time to train me to do the job. ” Like, seriously? You tell me to observe and then criticize my behavior.

3) I was also told I sucked and didn’t deserve a raise.  Granted, I’ve been told so many times I sucked, I actually didn’t think so much about it. One year ago, it would have hurt so much and I would have lost so much sleep about it. Now I roll my eyes and write a rant.

So I asked them – in which areas do I suck ? The answers were all vague and NOT at all based on the students’ feedback, but based on what the older teachers said-

Your voice is not loud enough.

>I answered that I try to speak loudly but my voice, even when shouting, is really not as loud as the other people’s voices.

Your feedback (to students) is not clear; it’s vague.

> Ok, I accept that. From now on, I’ll make my feedback easy to understand.

You don’t maximize student talk time.”

>I had to clarify this one, as using their method, there is hardly an opportunity for me to dominate the conversation or lesson (There is no lesson per se). It is mostly, after all, group teaching, with the main teacher handling all the presentations and me just doing what I was directed to do (give feedback, talk fast, practice the presentation etc)  So I asked when should I let students talk, during the break? And they said, no, I can talk as usual during the break but during the “program”. But when exactly did they see me dominating the conversation ? I mostly stuff my face with chocolate whenever I have the chance, not talk to students. Unfortunately, they couldn’t give me a real answer to my question.

I asked then how do I get a raise? Does getting good rating from students mean I get a raise ? (My ratings have increased dramatically after 3 months! ) and they suddenly said no, that’s not enough, it’s all taken together. The problem is,   there are no concrete metrics to measure the other “areas” except based on what the older teachers say. So yeah.

And because I sucked, they won’t be calling me as much as they prefer to get the “better teachers“. So how do I get to improve if they won’t even give me a chance? Even though I did improve a lot after 3 months…. based on the students’ rating.. And what incentives do the better teachers (older) have for giving me good feedback, when I can potentially become a threat to them ???

I decided I might as well just start something on my own. Work for myself= no bosses. Put all my energy in doing what I love the most  while avoiding the drama.

And because all the stock photos cost so much, I used my own selfie for the ads. LOL.