強姦事件を握りつぶした慶応大学、被害女性の母の憤り 「加害学生は退学を」
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In any country, there’s always discrepancy between the reported rapes vs unreported rapes (which we’ll never know) but I suppose in Japan – and I’m saying this without evidence to back it up – it’s higher than people like to believe.

It’s very disruptive of the harmony to report the rape – in this case you’re disrupting the harmony of a big university. And who wants to go against a big institution like Keio?

Plus, I think it’s severely traumatic to have to recount it over and over again. I don’t know if Japanese cops are ‘trained’ to handle rape cases, although I heard of a couchsurfing host who was raped by a brazilian guest she hosted and went to the cops to report it. The cops said there was nothing they could do about it, since the guy is a tourist going around Japan (he could be anywhere at that time), but “please don’t let it happen again.” If that’s the reaction I get , I would be discouraged – which is what happened to the couchsurfing host who decided not to pursue the case. Those around her, of course, couldn’t do anything about it. Although they wanted the culprit to be caught, they had to respect her decision.

Then there’s the question of losing face and of having your credibility questioned. Some would claim women were asking for it; or that they should know better than to get drunk. This happens in almost any country I know!

Overall, I can’t really blame women for choosing not to report. TBH – if it happened to me, I’m not sure if I would. Back home I know a woman who couldn’t deal with her rape but didn’t want the psychological trauma of long trial and publicity for her and her family – she admitted that she hired someone to ‘kill him’ because she “can’t go on living life knowing he’s alive” I didnt ask for details, because I didn’t want to know. Obviously I don’t recommend this; at the same time, I don’t want to judge anyone.

Maybe the best bet for the victim here would be to go to foreign media (surprisingly Google hardly yields any results in English!) but risk exposing her identity. It’s a gamble, but I remember the Olympus whistle blower case where he decided wisely to approach the foreign media first because the local media are severely self censoring. It feels like for Japan to do something, they need to be ‘shamed’ into doing so.