Sorry for posting a half-baked article. Here’s an interesting reply on Reddit about the hierarchy of gaijin (“foreigners”). I didn’t write this, I have to credit user/Cuisinart_Killa for writing this up on Reddit — interesting because this is an observation by a non-Filipino. As you can see, Filipinos are considered “subhuman” in Japan (Cuisinart_Killa’s words, not mine). This may be an over generalization, or probably a take from a jaded gaijin… Nevertheless, if you’ve lived long enough in Japan, you’d feel how Japanese look down on Filipinos and other Asians very subtly through unguarded comments and reactions and by the fact that never mind your qualifications, experience and “right attitude”, most jobs are not open for you. If you’re a Filipino, Japan doesn’t want you and will treat you like shit. So please do yourself a favor and don’t come.

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Perhaps I was not clear enough. There’s a very clear hierarchy for Gaijin.

Whites are the top foreigners. There’s Americans, Brits, French, Germans, Italians, etc.

Then there’s lesser whites like Australians,eastern europe, Russians. Most foreign whores in Japan are Russian women.

Then comes Black people. UK to African people. The racism scales with education, so no matter what race if you’re an educated black person you get the same level of respect. For everyone else, you’re basically Bobby Ologun, a sambo 1920′s minstrel show.

Black people are also commonly used as pitch men for bars and seedier places, Japanese will just freeze and not know what to do and by that time they’ve been shoved into the bar. They’re also the people to ask for drugs or other things in Japan as they won’t narc on you, and will call you back once they find what you want as they want money. Anything from JK whores to Ecstasy.

Then there’s asians. And they dislike them all to varying degrees for various reasons.

Koreans are tolerated as long as they have money or are useful. Past that they are unwanted. A korean in a workplace will be resented. Chinese are despised, regardless of nationality which is important to chinese…

Korean men are really popular in context of romance and music, but it’s like the typical Gaijin fascination. Japanese women want to have a fling and fuck a foreigner, not marry them. So the whole Korean fad is a reflection of that. Korean people hate the Japanese equally so, and they might fantasize about fucking a Japanese girl, they certainly don’t want to marry one.
Bringing home a Korean or Japanese being equally as repulsive to the parents of the respective races.

Then you have the subhumans: indonesians, thais, vietnamese, laos, filipinos. Filipinos are like pets; fuckable pets you can can have kids with if you really can’t get married and the female kids will be accepted as they will be beautiful and exotic. The male children will be miserable and shunned as they will never be seen as Japanese and they will invariably be ugly or not passable as Japanese. Just look at hafu talent; Becky, Rola, etc. They are exotic and beautiful. Their male siblings are consigned to hell basically, neither Japanese nor the original race. I pity them.

Novelty: It wears off, and how soon it wears off depends on one thing alone; Money, boatloads of fucking hard cash money.

A woman with a foreign husband who can afford to fly between the two nations, travel the world, have a nice house (mansion) and an IMPORTED car (Audi, Porsche, etc) is the bomb.In fact it’s the ultimate level of Gaijin and the only one who will be accepted by the Japanese family. Never fall for the trap of living with in-laws, the second you do you become subservient to their influence. Cold hard money to suppress the ingrained racism of your inlaws with outward displays of unarguable success. They can’t say shit about you, but the second that changes they will throw you under the bus; in fact, they have the exact bus and position under a certain tire all picked out just waiting for you to fuck up.

Low tier hell is an english teacher who marries, has kids and is borderline broke as fuck. Depends on his novelty and age to get teaching jobs. You’re not going to be marketable and making money teaching english when you are 50-70. Basically anyone over 40 might as well buy a ticket HOME, as english teachers are supposed to be young, handsome, and interesting. If you are old and bald, time to get the fuck out.

The saddest thing is old Gaijin with no money who made the mistake of having kids. That shit is a guaranteed tragedy, instant divorce the second your ass invariably becomes broke. There is no sharing of the financial responsibilities. Cold, hard cash is what your ass is expected to supply. That is the only way to make the “forever” Gaijin dream happen. The second the money runs out your wife is back with her parents, lamenting wasting her life with you. Stop trying to get them to let you talk to her, it’s over. Buy that one way ticket home.

If you watch youtube you can see half a dozen naive foreigners who married someone (anyone really) at a young age “omg I’m Japanese waifu now” thinking they will somehow transition to 40-50 years of living in Japan. You have to pull your weight somehow, and not being able to shop without help, let alone cook or do Japanese things without disgracing the household for 40 frigging years is impossible. They have no family support of their own, so they have to rely in the husband’s family. That shit becomes resentful in no time “you should have married a Japanese” becomes the mantra. And when you get older, your husband will cheat on you all the time and probably give you VD.
There is no such thing as “gaijin forever in japan” you are always a tourist, no matter if you have a citizenship. 50 years from now you could get drunk, punch someone out and they will revoke your citizenship and ship your ass back to wherever you came from. That’s the illusion of the Japanese citizenship, it’s not the same for a foreigner as a Japanese. They will dig deep, find some minor crime you did as a kid and invalidate the citizenship, or catch you on that fake diploma you used to qualify for teaching english. The Japanese system is methodical, and they will find something to revoke.

Never accepted,outright rejected when out of money.
Better be fucking rich to make a marriage work.
Can be stripped of citizenship and deported anyway, even after decades.
How to be truly happy and make a Japanese marriage work:
Have income that can support your entire family that is 100% stable from outside Japan. Don’t try to start a family on a Job that can and will vanish (finance, etc).
Never become beholden to inlaws, nor require financial assistance from them. (Never ever live with them, have shared property (split house), as you WILL become a senior citizen home at that point, and your wife the caretaker)
Travel between each nation frequently to avoid either party becoming homesick, and the inlaws from gaining too much power over the wife.

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