So, due to my work obligations, our Golden Week was spent here in Tokyo. The truth is, I was just so tired of working my ass off from the previous weeks that I spent almost two days just ‘recuperating’ in bed. That is, sleeping and massages.

On the last day of the holidays, we decided to get out of bed and just go around Tokyo.

I’m really into flea markets, and one of the few open on that day is the Shinagawa Intercity Fleamarket. (FYI Bazaars are usually on Sundays, and I work on weekends!)

Shinagawa Intercity Flea Market every Sundays and Holidays, 9 am - 3 pm

Shinagawa Intercity Flea Market every Sundays and Holidays, 9 am – 3 pm

According to the information online, there would be 120 stalls. However, I got the feeling that there was much less. Nevertheless, I didn’t leave empty handed, but the prices were much more than I expect to pay. If you are interested in seeing it for yourself, it’s an on-going thing every Sunday.

Shinagawa Intercity Flea Market every Sundays and Holidays, 9 am - 3 pm

Ongoing, 9am-3pm, free.
Venue: Shinagawa Intercity, Minato-ku.
Nearest Station: Shinagawa.

After that, because it’s so close already, we decided to go to an aquarium. Take note that there seems to be more than one aquarium in Shinagawa. The one we went to is Epson Aqua Stadium, a mere 5-minute walk from Shinagawa station and Shinagawa Intercity and not the aquarium close to Omori-kaigan or Omori-station.

Well, let me start by saying, that being a Golden Week and all, I expected crowds. Tokyo is not as deserted as everyone thinks!!!

Shinagawa Aquarium

Shinagawa Aquarium during the Golden Week

It was really small.. Like even smaller than the one we have back home. You get this one short walk under a small tank, some small aquariums lining the walls and two shows (a dolphin show and a sea lion show) for Y1800 per person. A rip-off if you ask me! But hey this is Tokyo!!!

Epson Aqua Stradium at Shinagawa

Epson Aqua Stradium at Shinagawa

I got into a problem with our seats, as I blogged in my previous entry, so I left. Overall, I don’t recommend going to this place. Might as well go to the bigger aquarium near Omori-Kaigan.

Epson Aqua Stradium near Shinagawa Station

Epson Aqua Stradium near Shinagawa Station

I was really shocked at how small the pool was. It felt too small for me, what more for these poor dolphins? I really felt sorry for them. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve probably eaten some dolphins already without knowing it. Sometimes – and I know many would disagree – I think it’s just much better to just kill, eat them and get it over with than prolong the agony of being alive by letting them live in such a small, crowded place. I know I’d rather just die than be forced to live (and perform) in a small, shitty place when the ocean used to be my playground. Just kill me now or let me go! In any case, my bad experience at this place made me step back and think about aquariums in general. I’ll probably never go to one again. Ever.

But I’ll still eat sashimi.