Last weekend, my ex- husband took me to a nice restaurant in Motomachi in Kobe. Motomachi is known for China town, probably one of the cleanest China towns you’ll see in your life. Chinese restaurants abound. There were also people sitting and eating their take out food at the main square.

The restaurant, however, was empty. And no wonder. Kobe beef is not exactly cheap. Here are photos of the dishes served :


I had 120g of beef. My ex had 180g.

To be honest, while the beef was good, the course itself was not well-thought of. The dominant taste was basically salty – and it got tiring after a few dishes. There was tempura, served with salt. Then there was miso soup, also salty. Then the beef which was also served with soy sauce and wasabi. All salty!

The beef, however, was good. Never mind that I requested it to be well-done, it was tender. Probably the most tender, well-done meat I have ever eaten in my life.