Last week, instead of going to haikyo, we ended up going to the Toy Con. And what fun it was! And all for freeeeee! Ok, not exactly. But there was no entrance fee, which is a great thing!  Great things in life are free, and I intend to make the most of these free things.

The 2013 Tokyo Toy Convention at Big Sight

Definitely an event for the whole family!

Still, the sometimes free, sometimes paid hands-on trials were what we came for.  I wanted to try the remote control plane, but the wait was just too long. Besides I really like arts and craft. Anything that has a DIY, creative toy is my sort of toy, so we walked nearby to this cake stand.

The 2013 Tokyo Toy Convention at Big Sight

Cake Maker Set by Epoch (株)エポック社

No, those aren’t real cakes. Those are toys. One can make it with a non-edible whip cream. A trial costs 300 JPY. We got lucky. The line wasn’t so long yet.

The 2013 Tokyo Toy Convention at Big Sight

Making my own cake is a piece of cake! By Epoch (株)エポック社

As you can see, my mates were all 7 year old girls and younger, being supported by their parents. The lady was pretty surprised to find that I was joining myself and not my “daughter” (I don’t have one yet). Crazy, shameless gaijin!But anyway, who cares, it was fun.  I bet all the other parents wished they could participate without being the object of attention! It took less than five minutes. You put the white icing twice, one on top of the other and then top it off with a plastic strawberry and then  two small stars. The drying itself will take around 3-5 days.They do have more elaborate cakes if you want to buy their more expensive sets. The toy maker is Epoch ((株)エポック社), you can find more details here.

After that, we went around and found some interesting things.

The 2013 Tokyo Toy Convention at Big Sight

Recycled cardboards turn to toys. Good ideas by Funny Paper (株グリーンガイア)

This company makes toys and furniture out of paper (cardboard, actually). I find that pretty Japanese. After all, they do use paper for their houses. Besides,  they have this long history of paper art like origami and kiri-e. The website states “eco design” and this is because their products are made of recycled cardboard boxes! Genius! Visit their site @

The 2013 Tokyo Toy Convention at Big Sight

Sponge bob, Clay, Toy guns and a mascot- just some of the things in the 2013 Tokyo Toy Convention

I am going to post the random things I passed while walking around: from a toy gun store whose displays look real, to clay models (I wanted to try them badly but there were just too many people) and Sponge Bob musical instruments to this mascot. (Japan has to be the country which is most obsessed with characters. Cities / wards in Tokyo have their own “characters”, and you’d end up seeing this character on the city buses, on the trash calendars, on the newsletters from the city hall. I know. Even the cops here have Pipo-kun as their “character”)

The 2013 Tokyo Toy Convention at Big Sight

The long queue for the Lego and Bandai booths

There are many more interesting booths, but the large ones like Bandai and Lego have a wait time of up to 40 minutes to an hour or so. And frankly speaking, I’d rather spend that time going around and seeing something I haven’t seen before.

The 2013 Tokyo Toy Convention at Big Sight

赤外線ヘリコプター ナノファルコン
The Remote Control Helicoter by CCP 株式会社シー・シー・ピー

I have been such a huge fan of remote control (rc) toys since I was a kid. I have had my fair share of owning rc car toys, but never – and I repeat – never a rc plane! Imagine the delight of seeing this light weight rc helicopter up for hands-on trial! Unfortunately, the wait was 30 minutes, even after I made the cake, so I passed. But here’s the company that makes it.

Image And the heros! Who can forget the super heroes? Iron man is a full size display while batman is a figurine. Oh and yes, the good part, the photo shoot while holding a light saber (that has its own sound effect when) that lights up with a flick of a switch.

The 2013 Tokyo Toy Convention at Big Sight

Sungka aka Mancala, being showcased in the 2013 Tokyo Toy Convention

We also saw a bastardized version of “sungka” called “Mancala”. Upon further research, it seems like “sungka” is not exclusive to the Philippines! According to Wikipedia, many versions of sungka exist around the world with varying rules. Surprise surprise.

But nothing can take me off two things . Boring things probably, but as I said, I am crazy about arts and crafts. And gardening. So my pick for the day are two things :

The 2013 Tokyo Toy Convention at Big Sight

Canvass brought from Nuri Navi (株式会社 ヌリナビ普及振興会)

The numbered canvas by Nuri Navi, which is basically a blank canvass with numbers on it as color guides. The whole Van Gogh set costs around 2500 JPY including a palette, brush and the all the colors needed for the work. I started painting it already! Visit their site at

The 2013 Tokyo Toy Convention at Big Sight

Petomato’s genius creation, using pet bottles as plant pot by Petomato

The other one is Petomato. It’s not only because I am taking a course on global warming in Harvardx, but because, it’s really a genius idea. Turn all these pet bottles into plan pots. Without the need to water them all the time, this is very convenient for me who like plants but doesn’t have a lot of time to water them. I bought 2 – basil and shiso. Visit their site at

Next year, I’ll definitely be back!