We visited Tokyo in March and I shot a lot of random footage. I compiled it into a typical travel montage, but then had some fun experimenting with a voiceover, and turned it into this weird little travel programme. I thought it’d be an interesting way to make, what is essentially a personal travel diary, into something more widely accessible. I love Tokyo, and hopefully this video captures that and inspires you to take a trip to this wonderful place!
Shot on Canon 5DMKIII (via Borrowlenses) and GoPro
Lenses: 50mm 1.2, 24-105mm 4.0, 24mm TS 3.5.
Mostly 24fps and 60fps
Edited in Premier and After Effects
Color Grade is FilmConvert, though minimally applied.
For more pictures, check out Nikki’s blog: hellonikki.net/
Some of the places you’ll see:
Tokyo Skytree
Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden
Meiji Shrine
Park Hyatt
Robot Restaurant
Sushi Ichi
Mori Tower
Cat Street
and more of course!