I just had to write my opinion. I hate burikko too. I think it gets really old fast. Interestingly, burikko has no direct English translation. But it has a Tagalog one! It means “pa-cute


From Wikipedia :

Burikko (ぶりっ子?, sometimes rendered Burriko in English) is a Japanese term for a style of personal appearance and demeanor that was coined and developed by Japanese idol Seiko Matsuda. This noun was originally created to complement the Japanese adjective kawaii, meaning “cute”, which has become important in modern Japanese culture.

Although there is no literal English translation, Burikko falls under the main idea of being cute, but with a childlike style to go along with it. The Burikko style was accepted and followed by some Japanese women in different cities and some men were fascinated by it too. Such fascination is known as lolicon (ロリコン?, sometimes transliterated as lolicom), short for the Japanese pronunciation of the English Lolita complex (ん, the kana that’s usually transliterated as N, can also represent M).

Burikko is the “idea of a helpless, submissive, and cute look of a young girl”.[1] It started off with women adopting the sound of a baby or a child. “Girls would obscure their words to sound like children learning to speak”.For example, “Mary wants curry for dinner” could be said as “Mawwy wants cuwwie for dinna”. After that, they adopted the physical characteristics as well with the attire of cute. That way, they were maintaining the overall picture of being “cute” by sounding like a child and also dressing for the part.