The Good :
1) Well, we’re now represented on a video game. How cool is that?
2) I like her color. We Filipinos are tanned, not white. And tan is beautiful.
3) I like that she’s cute too. And wearing a swimsuit underneath – now that’s a true pinay *ahem*. haha.
(Somebody asked me if I ever have bras because I wear bikini tops all the time!)

The Bad :
1) WTF is with the name? Kaasar! More imagination please?
2) Is Josie supposed to be a shemale? Haha
3) Why couldn’t have they used a Filipino fighting style/martial arts instead? It’s like they’re using the same mo-cap actor over and over again. Just lazy.

This was the interview done by a friend, Azrael Colladilla with Mr Katsuhiro Harada when he came to the PI in 2008. He said that time,

“Maybe we can add a Filipino character in the future because the heat of the players here are very strong, so maybe in the future we can make a Filipino character from the Asian chapter.”

Overall, I’m still glad that Mr Harada remained true to his word. There are a lot of gamers back home. I personally started playing Tekken when I was in high school (Tekken 1, 2). Kinda forgot about it when PS1 went out of style and now I may start playing again! Because 1)I Like fighting games 2) I like fighting.