I was thinking if I should just write about learning English or just write about my life. Well, there are dozens of English resources online. I figured it’s more interesting to write about my life.

So yesterday my godfather flew in with his business partner to get ideas for the new restaurant he’s setting up. It’s his 8th restaurant in New Jersey, but his first Japanese restaurant. He wanted some ideas on what to serve as dessert and what to name his restaurant.

We went around Asakusa, trying different foods. Since they were both on a diet program, they would order food, try a little bit and leave it – which I found wasteful, so I ended up eating the leftovers. My godfather has made up his mind about the Japanese cheesecake – the convenient store cheesecake which is fluffy, not the regular cheesecake you can order at the cafe (too dense, same stuff in the US). I suggested serving warabimochi coated with macha powder. (People ask me what warabi is, I think it’s a type of fern??) He prefers the macha-flavored sponge cake (or castella).

We were also thinking of names. What to name his restaurant? He was thinking of naming it “Zen” but it sounds like a spa. Then he was thinking of naming it “Asakusa” – but Asakusa doesn’t sound so catchy. Tokyo and Kyoto are taken. My idea is to name it “Nihon Super Daisuki” or “Nihon Super” for short, but it sounds like a supermarket? And Hibachi is taken. Jon, my British friend, suggested “Chin Chin” which means cheers in the UK, saying “Daft Americans would love it.” But imagine naming your restaurant “Penis” even if it’s “Hello” in another language. Don’t get me wrong – I love it. If it were my restaurant, I’d name it Chin-chin.